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Elitelure was founded in 2013.
The dream of co-founder Dragon lee is to become a physicist like Einstein who can play the violin. The physics background of famous university makes him combine his love of fishing with the principles of physics and mechanics more effectively, such as turbulence and hydrodynamics, so that Elitelure’s bait can restore the bait fish in the real world more effectively.
Dragon lee has been engaged in the quality and engineering of the world's oldest original brand for more than 15 years, involving 18 world-class first-line brands and studying over 2400 designs and evolutions of the world lure from the beginning of 19th century to the 1970s; Participating in the inheritance process of 6 of 10 world classic original brands; Testing and acceptance of hundreds of Lure models of contemporary style.
Meanwhile, he traveled around the world to attend tournament and won several title.
Elitelure's R&D team has more than 20 years of world mainstream lure development experience, which covers all kinds of species and waters. The team includes the fishermen from Europe, Japan, Australia and China and engineers. They have participated in almost all the new processes of the new product development in recent 15 years, such as new material investigation, new technology development and the best new product award of ICAST and EFTTEX, and the winner baits in the tournament.
We have R&D centers in Europe, Japan and China.
Design and develop with wisdom and ingenuity, pursue simple form and rich emotion, and customize high cost-effective product experience with Japan style quality standards as the goal.
Global synchronization, Professional Lure, Elitelure!
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